Three Signs Mediation is Right for You

Three Signs Mediation is Right for You

1. Both parties prioritize keeping their money in their own pockets

Mediating a separation allows the two individuals to use one mediator instead of each person retaining their own lawyers to represent them. You are informed of the costs upfront and do not have any surprise invoices along the way. Using a mediator and seeking Independent Legal Advice will still be a fraction of the price of taking the litigation route when separating.

2. The children are your main priorities

Mediation allows a family to discuss all of their children’s needs in a healthy and amicable manner. In most cases, the parents getting separated will probably be co-parenting their children for the rest of their lives, that is a big commitment and takes work and planning to be successful. A parenting plan created with a mediator are essentially blueprints for creating a new normal for your children to grow and thrive in.

3. Both individuals would like their separation to be completed in a timely manner

I have completed full meditations for individuals in as little as 1 month from start to finish. If full financial disclosure is provided quickly by the individuals getting separated and the parties are both willing to work together to come to an agreement, it is very possible. Litigation can take couples years to come to agreements on all the details that are in a separation agreement. In that instance, the couple may lose control of the separation. In mediation, the couple has full control on how quickly or slowly they would like to get things completed.

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