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    Parenting Plans Near Etobicoke

    Why choose us?

    A full suite of services

    Explore how our straightforward co-parenting service is designed to help resolve complex situations.

    A proven process

    Learn how our step-by-step co parenting agreement process will help you save time, money, and hassle.

    Affordable prices

    Our affordable mediators offer various pricing structures for any co parenting agreement.

    Co Parenting Agreements Etobicoke

    Our Services

    Our local mediators near Etobicoke offer straightforward solutions for complicated co parenting plans. By providing an affordable yet highly professional co parenting agreement service, we can help you efficiently and cost-effectively navigate your way out of difficult times. Explore our co parenting services below.

    Co Parenting Agreements Etobicoke


    During the Co-parenting Mediation session, we emphasize the importance of having a solid Co-Parenting Agreement in place – not only to help parents avoid future conflict, but for the health and well-being of the children. Our goal is to help you create a plan that reflects the needs and interests of your children. This will ensure that your children have the opportunity to thrive in an environment where the foundations lay on strong and respectful co-parenting practices.


    With an appropriate Co-parenting Agreement any issues with co-parenting rules that may arise, can be greatly reduced. Research has shown that a child can best cope with their parents separating or divorcing when good co-parenting plans are in place. Typically, many parenting rules and expectations remain the same after a separation or divorce; however, there are endless factors for both parties to consider and review once the separation has occurred.



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    Online Co Parenting Plans Etobicoke


    Spending the time and energy creating a Parenting Plan is very important. It will not only help to create a routine and schedule for you and your children after separation but be there as a reference if disputes arise in the future. Figuring out a schedule template for you kids and family can depend on a lot of factors.


    When parents have difficulty communicating but are still able and willing to jointly participate in their children’s lives, a parallel parenting plan may make the most sense and create less opportunity for conflict to arise. The theory around a parallel parenting plan allows parents to have space from one another, limit communication and gradually build trust and put aside past hostilities.



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    Co Parenting Mediation Service Etobicoke

    Child & Spousal
    Support Calculations

    Child and spousal support calculations are an important part of your Co Parenting Agreement.

    The calculations to determine the amount of support required can be complex, and there are many factors that play a role in determining what’s appropriate. With the help of state-of-the-art software, as well as a properly drafted Co Parenting Agreement, we can provide an accurate calculation that ensures the best possible future for your children, as well as a fair outcome that addresses the needs of both parties.

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    Co Parenting Plans Near Etobicoke


    Co-parenting Agreements, also called a Parenting Plan, is a document that comprehensively outlines the agreed upon plan for how you will raise your children after separation or divorce. It includes clear guidelines and expectations on how you and your ex-partner will co-parent moving forward, with regard to topics such as:

    Parenting Time
    Decision Making
    Residency Schedule
    Schedule Management of Recreational Activities
    Family, Friends and other Parties
    Introductions to New Partners
    Children’s Possessions Between Homes
    Screen Time
    Rules Around Mutual Respect and Boundaries

    It is very important to have a written plan in place – not only to help parents avoid future conflict, but for the health and well-being of children. Our goal as mediators in Etobicoke is to help you create a plan that reflects the needs and interests of your children, so that they have the opportunity to thrive in an environment where co-parenting is strong and mutual respect forms the foundation of the family.

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    add peace of mind with

    Etobicoke Co Parenting Agreements

    Professionally Drafted
    Co Parenting Agreements

    Co Parenting Agreements in Etobicoke

    What is Family Mediation?

    Separation can be a painful, challenging process. Family mediation is ultimately designed to make the parenting plan process less difficult, by creating an environment that will allow both parties to draft a co parenting agreement amicably. With family mediation, a qualified co parenting professional will facilitate collaboration between you and your ex-partner and help you both reach legally binding co parenting agreements on all aspects of your children’s well being.

    Together with your ex, you will build a fair, sustainable co parenting agreement that reflects both of your interests, and leave the process with a clear roadmap for moving forward.

    Local Parenting Plans Near Etobicoke

    Litigation VS. Family Mediation


    family court (litigation)

    $24,000 to $90,000 per couple, depending on the complexity of the situation.

    family mediation

    $2,140 to $7,060 per couple, depending on the complexity of the situation.


    family court (litigation)

    Lawyers cannot definitively tell you what it might cost to “win” your entitlements and how long the litigation process will take.

    family mediation

    Before mediation, you will be made aware of the cost and timeframe up front.


    family court (litigation)

    Pre-trial alone can take a year and half and will require you to pay your lawyer throughout, regardless of whether your case goes to trial. A full trial can take anywhere from six months to several years.

    family mediation

    With mediation, you can reach an agreed upon resolution in as little as two weeks.


    family court (litigation)

    Both parties compete for all assets, including custody of children.

    family mediation

    Both parties will be guided to finding middle ground regarding how various assets will be divided.


    family court (litigation)

    If you go to court, you will be revealing intimate details of your life, finances, and relationship – all on record and publicly accessible.

    family mediation

    With mediation, any intimate details or information you provide remains completely confidential and sealed away forever.


    family court (litigation)

    In family court, a judge will decide your future.

    family mediation

    Through mediation, you and your ex-partner will decide what is best for each other and the future of your family.

    Local Co Parenting Service

    Our Difference

    We offer a complete suite of affordable in-person and online co parenting services designed to facilitate
    amicable resolutions regarding property division, child and spousal support, parenting plans,
    and separation agreements, while providing you with the necessary documentation to help
    you finalize the co parenting process.

    Our approach to co parenting is efficient, effective, and ultimately intended to help you avoid
    the stressful and pricey process of litigation (family court).

    With over 15 years of combined experience in co parenting mediation, we have extensive knowledge of the
    systems that govern and support family structures. Simply put, we have helped countless
    families put together well thought out parenting plans. We’re here to help you navigate the
    co parenting process with ease so that you can move forward with your life.

    Contact us today to take your first step in the right direction.

    Areas We Serve

    Co Parenting Plans Etobicoke

    Transparent. Low Cost. Convenient.

    Separation can be a lengthy, costly, and
    emotionally draining process –
    but it doesn’t have to be!

    Turning Point Family Mediation is here to provide a straightforward
    pathway towards separation resolution, in an environment that remains
    personal, respectful, and completely confidential.

    Co Parenting Mediator Near Etobicoke

    Our Process

    Our process for in-person or online co parenting mediation is simple, efficient, and effective. We offer convenient scheduling through our online booking platform, strive to remain responsive at every step of the way, and always ensure your utmost confidentiality throughout the entire process.

    Discover our straightforward step-by-step process below.

    Save Money

    Avoid the costly legal fees of family court.

    Save Time & Hassle

    Family court can be long and stressful.

    Save Your Future

    Don’t leave decisions up to the courts!


    I would like to thank you for all your hard work and
    professionalism during this event. It was wonderful
    working and speaking with you. We have completed our
    paperwork and are content with our decision and how
    things were handled with all. We continue to be civil
    and friendly. Most of all we would like to extend our
    appreciation for the service and kindness you gave us.



    Thank you so much for all of your work with us. You
    truly made it an easy and smooth experience and I
    really appreciate that we were able to work through
    everything and get to this point. If I’m ever asked
    in the future, I will be giving you my recommendation

    Tom G


    I wanted to reach back to you and express my thanks
    for working with us through the mediation process. You
    helped make a very difficult situation much easier.
    Your professionalism and kind demeanor were very much
    appreciated. I would definitely recommend you and your
    services. My lawyer also commented on how well written
    the final agreement was and how professional the final
    package was.



    Thank you very much!
    You saved us thousands in legal fees and we are
    grateful to have worked with you.



    Thank you Karalyn for guiding us through the process.
    I don’t think we would have the relationship we do now
    without you. You are knowledgeable and would recommend
    your services to anyone going through a separation.

    Robert R


    I was very anxious going into mediation however Dana made
    me feel comfortable and confident that the process will work
    for us and it did. She was responsive and knowledgeable.
    Thank you for all your help.

    Cathy C


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