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In Richmond Hill, a Divorce Separation Agreement, otherwise known as a Separation Agreement, is one of the most crucial documents during the divorce process. It is an ongoing legal contract between the two parties involved in a marital separation.

What is a Separation Agreement in Richmond Hill?

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Evidently, any financial ties to your ex-spouse must be negotiated and addressed in writing to prevent any future complications. Even if your ex-spouse verbally agrees to cover a portion of debt, you must request that in writing and remove your name from any official document marking you as financially responsible. This also applies for any debt that you may not have been aware of during the course of the marriage. If the proper legal actions are taken to address this, you may be able to cut all financial ties from your ex-spouse, while protecting your own finances. Ultimately, when you are going through a divorce, your marriage is being terminated, not your shared financial responsibilities.


In the province of Richmond Hill, the law considers marriage as a financial affiliation between two combining parties. Therefore, when that partnership ceases to exist, the spouse with the most financial stability may be required to pay spousal support to the other party. This is done to equalize the financial situation of both parties once the relationship has ended. Similar to all other aspects of a legal separation in Richmond Hill, the Separation Agreement will clearly specify any spousal support that must be paid by one spouse to the other. The agreement will indicate how much money will need to be provided, when the money will be provided, and how long this financial support will last. With this, the law takes a variety of factors into consideration when deciding upon an amount due for spousal support, along with the duration of time for the financial support. The two main factors that contribute to this determination include, the amount asked by the party in need for financial support and how much the other party can afford to pay. To add, there are two claims for spousal support: long term and short term, which can be made by the spouse in financial need. The long term claim is referred to as frequent payments received to prevent financial difficulty in the future, while short term claims are made to temporarily get the individual on their feet in becoming financially self-sufficient.


Within a Separation Agreement, there is an important clause incorporated called the Dispute Resolution Clause. This clause is mainly dedicated to assist and maintain the financial supports and parenting plan incorporated into the Separation Agreement. The clause clearly outlines future dispute resolutions, by indicating how future conflicts will be dealt with between the two parties. This is a significant clause to include in a Separation Agreement, as it enables both parties to solve any future disagreements without the assistance of lawyers or the court.

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In Richmond Hill, a Divorce Separation Agreement is otherwise known as a Separation Agreement, is one of the most crucial documents during the divorce process.
A Separation Agreement is an ongoing legal contract between the two parties involved in the marital separation. The Divorce Separation Agreement will indicate how the two parties will best move forward in the future and ensure any anticipated issues are resolved. During the process of creating and signing a Divorce Separation Agreement, both parties must be aware of their legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. Therefore, it is extremely important that this document is properly created by keeping the laws of Richmond Hill in mind, as it will impact your life and your children’s lives in the upcoming years.
It will determine many future terms including; the relationship between you and your ex-spouse, how your children will be raised, your financial status, your taxes, your ability to take out loans and mortgages, when you’re able to re-marry, and etc. Remember, the decisions you make now, will impact your realities in the future. In the process of constructing a Divorce Separation Agreement, it is vital to negotiate future financial and parenting plans, prior to signing this legal contract. These two aspects to the divorce process can be stressful and time consuming; however, it is necessary in determining the success of yourself and your family in the future years to come.

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Marriage Separation Agreement in Richmond Hill

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When found desiring a separation, you and your partner must consider a settlement arrangement, as well as a marriage separation agreement otherwise known as a legal Separation Agreement. Fortunately, it is not necessary to attend court to settle arrangements and properly complete a marriage Separation Agreement. Although, it is important to note that signing a marriage Separation Agreement does not mean you are legally divorced and have officially ended your marriage.

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Mutual Separation Agreement in Richmond Hill

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In Richmond Hill, it is important to consider and successfully incorporate these influential factors when writing a Mutual Separation Agreement:


  • A full financial disclosure
  • Co-constructed Parenting Arrangements
  • Child Support commitments
  • Spousal Support commitments
  • A valuation of existing pensions
  • A formal division of assets
  • Tax obligations
  • Equal separation of the Matrimonial Home
  • A Future Dispute Resolution Clause
  • Indication of any Independent Legal Advice


Full Financial Disclosure is a mandatory step involved in the process of separation, divorce and the mutual Separation Agreement. This process is referred to as both parties formally providing documentation supporting their individual and combined finances. These financial documentations include; bank account balances, savings accounts balances, any cash on hand, verify RRSPs, property values, investments, pensions, and etc. During this phase of the divorce process, both parties must also present any outstanding debts and liabilities. In preparing a Financial Disclosure, both parties are able to make important financial decisions during the separation, which are based on accurate financial information. It protects both parties by ensuring they have all the necessary information to make informed financial decisions, as well as ensuring transparency and honesty between both parties relating to any existing assets or debts. For full Financial Disclosure, any privately owned business will typically be valued and included in this process; this can include any company assets, real estate, vehicles, or other tangible items. In addition to this, a formal pension valuation will be required, which differs from a pension statement. A pension valuation indicates that there are no mistakes, misunderstandings, or secrets during the Financial Disclosure; ensuring that all parties are financially protected. Once both parties have reached a mutual agreement of the Financial Disclosure, a lawyer must review the Financial Disclosure prior to both parties signing any legal documents. By gaining a lawyer’s legal support in this phase, both parties can guarantee they are equally satisfied with their knowledge and distribution of the family finances.
In some cases, individuals may be hesitant or reluctant to complete a Financial Disclosure when going through a separation or divorce; although, this process is no longer an option that can be avoided. As of May 2015, the Family Law Rules in Richmond Hill indicate that full and complete financial disclosure is required by both spouses involved in the separation. Ultimately, a full and formal financial disclosure is a mandatory step in the divorce process. It is required of both parties and is needed when creating a mutual Separation Agreement. Each party must clearly disclose all of their finances, so each spouse knows exactly what they are dealing with and agreeing/disagreeing to. The Family Law Act enables the courts to disregard or set aside any Mutual Separation Agreement that does not include a full Financial Disclosure. Therefore, all mutual Separation Agreements must be properly and thoroughly prepared prior to applying for a divorce with the courts. This will avoid any additional time and costs once the application has been filed.

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Separation Agreements without a Lawyer in Richmond Hill

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When living in Richmond Hill, it is important to note that you are not required to obtain a lawyer to separate from your spouse; you can create a Separation Agreement without a lawyer. Any individual, regardless of their qualifications, is entitled to create their own homemade Separation Agreement by seeking support from a professional family mediator to help them prepare the Separation Agreement without a lawyer. If two parties agree to separate, a mutual Separation Agreement between a husband and wife can be created and signed within the home environment. However, it is crucial to obtain a witness to sign the Separation Agreement created without a lawyer as well. When deciding to create and sign a Separation Agreement without a lawyer, both parties must understand the legal and future risks that are involved. When writing a homemade Separation Agreement without a lawyer present, it can be challenging to create one that is legally binding and enforceable in the foreseeable years. A future obstacle can be an ex-partner deciding to revisit the homemade Separation Agreement made without a lawyer, which can then be legally disposable. This would be a result of the agreement not being properly and legally constructed from the beginning. Ultimately, if a Separation Agreement is not prepared properly with a full Financial Disclosure, proper signing by both parties, and evidence of legal advice, it will not be beneficial in the future.

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Marital Separation Agreement in Richmond Hill

What is a Marital Separation Agreement in Richmond Hill?

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In Richmond Hill, when a couple decides to separate it is common for the matrimonial home to be sold. Typically, the home is sold to one of the two parties or a third party buyer. Prior to altering the home ownership, there should be a formal Marital Separation Agreement in place that clearly outlines all financial terms. If the home is sold to a third party, then the equity funds will be in the possession of a trusted Real Estate Lawyer. A legal Marital Separation Agreement will then direct your Real Estate Lawyer in properly distributing sale assets of the matrimonial home to each party involved. Regardless of the route taken when selling the matrimonial home, a new mortgage must be approved. All Canadian bank institutions will require a legal Marital Separation Agreement prior to being approved for a new mortgage. An individual will be required to individually qualify for a new mortgage based on their current income and existing debts. Any supporting payments will be associated with an accumulative debt load when your application is reviewed.

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Another important factor associated with the Separation Agreement is developing a successful parenting plan. A parenting plan is a legal document that is written to outline how each party will effectively co-parent and raise the children after a separation or divorce is finalized. A successful foundational parenting plan should primarily focus on the interest and needs of the child or children involved. When going through an uncontested divorce with children, a parenting plan should consist of clear guidelines aiming to reduce any future conflicts between the co-parents and the child or children. A parenting plan should draw attention to the parenting arrangements listed below, along with any other specific parenting concerns or issues that need to be addressed in writing:


  • Child support and financial stability to provide for child’s needs
  • Who will be making the major decisions within the child’s life
  • How will information be shared between co-parents
  • Where will the child live full-time? Who will have custody?
  • When will the child spend quality time with each parent individually? What is the access plan?
  • How will the child have access to grandparents and other close relatives?
  • How and where will holidays and other special occasions be spent?
  • How will a child be introduced to any new romantic partners in the future?


A major aspect involved in the parenting plan is child support. In Richmond Hill, child support is calculated according to the Richmond Hill Child Support Guidelines. Within these guidelines, both parents are expected to maintain a dedicated responsibility in financially supporting their child or children, based on their individual needs. The amount of child support due per month will depend on the payor’s individual income and the number of children involved. Child support will financially sustain the child or children until the age of 18 years old, or until they have completed a post-secondary education. To further support this, the Richmond Hill government has allocated an office called, the Family Responsibility Office (FRO), which ensures that child support payments are being successfully paid and maintained for the child’s wellbeing. The FRO will collect the child support payments and ensure the finances are being distributed to the full-time parent. If child support payments are periodically missed or unfaithful, the FRO will take action to guarantee the child is being financially supported. The uncooperative parent can face serious consequences that may include; the reducing of wages, registering for a lien against a property, removing finances from their bank account, ordering a collection, cancelling a passport, or even suspending their driver’s license.

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